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Q) If a woman is performing a second nikah, is it compulsory for her parents to accomplish a walimah all over again since she wishes it easy. A) Not obligatory. Can perform a spouse and children supper as it is actually sunnah.

Q) Does going for 1 working day in jamat give u reward of praying in front of kaaba and hajre aswad around the night of laylatul qadr? A) Sure.

Q) I dreamt about my own relationship but i was not joyful with regards to the spot exactly where my relationship was being held And that i instructed my sister i wish This might take place at my put.Then i told my sister to use blow dryer for making my hair.Please interprete this.

Ramadhan Really should I rapidly right now if its our thirtieth quickly in this article? Exactly what is the best way for making dua at iftar time? All through my speedy I forgot which i was fasting How must just one pray on lailatul qadr?

Q) I dreamt that i have missing my virginity with my ex boyfriend and i was Keeping a drop of go to these guys blood on my finger and demonstrating to him.What does this imply when in actual im a virgin and single. A) A dream from shaitaan. Blow slowly and gradually three situations on your own left and read Arouzoubillahi minashaitaanir rajim.

Q) What is the appropriate time/lunar date for a woman to trim her hair? A) Women should only get rid of pubic and below arm hairs. This is suggested just about every week. Must not go beyond 40 times.

Q) What if an individual talks to us rudely or hurts our feelings, can we reply also or ought to we stay tranquil?

A) In case you go on to bleed, then You need to do a whole new wudhu for each azan. content Namaz not counted if did not do new wudhu.

Q) I dreamt that my sister was Expecting when in real she's childless and all of a sudden my mom just scratch my proper hand and on my arm acquired a more info here cut like a little gap and it was yellow and purple inside.The dream was after fajr. You should interprete this? A) Study manzil each day.

Q) If I questioned dua and Allah recognized my dua, am i able to conduct Salaat to thank Allah for this reward everyday?

Q) My husband is dishonest on me and lying to me. What shall I do? A) Sabr and salaah. Allah Ta`ala prescribed us to ask for His assist with Persistence and engrossed in lengthy salaahs. Do ten mins Ta`lim of muntakhab daily in the home in front of the family.

Q)On eclipse day i study a great deal of Allahu Akbr and did plenty of istighfar as well as i questioned Allah to pardon me lots until the eclipse ended.Could it be ok? A)Yes.

Q) I like a hindou boy but we are aware that our relation is not really going significantly. What need to i do? A) Leave him at once. Flip to Allah Ta`ala for a great muslim boy. Tell your mothers and fathers to appear for someone.

  Q) I dreamt that i was going for walks with my father when in true i don't go any where with him and everybody was looking at me,Plus some was laughing at me.I used to be experience odd.What does it necessarily mean?

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